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At the beginning of the year, Rice Kernel and 8 of his kindergarten classmates formed a basketball team in a well-run local kids basketball league. Some of his buddies have a slight understanding of game rules and at least minimal command of the ball, but my dear son has neither. He is as rookie as a rookie gets. And if you think his teammates know what’s going on, well, let’s say they are nothing compared to the competition. Case in point, one teammate, whose Dad played collegiate ball no less, said to her mom after the third game, “I had no idea you could steal the ball away from another team.” And the scores, you ask? I think we lost 8 to 3 last week. A great improvement from 14 to 2 the week before…

Thankfully, Rice Kernel is having tons of fun. And the parents are having even more fun watching these 5- and 6-year olds. So much so, we organized a team practice to get “some” drills and skills in. With cantaloupe “balls” and mini bagel “hoops” on the menu, we were craving something sweet for our early morning breakfast. Lemon poppyseed was unanimous. Modified from a Joy the Baker recipe, these are made with thinned Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a healthy protein boost. You know, after all that running on the court….


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