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My favorite cake, in cookie form.  Half chewy, half crisp, with all sorts of fruity, nutty textures throughout.  As much as we enjoy good-for-you foods, there’s always room for something sweet in my day.  Does wonders for my spirit – and blood sugar!

Recipe here.



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Beer-Braised Carnitas

Four-and-a-half has been a rough age for Rice Kernel.  Forced to abandon his nap on many (busy) days, my son can be sweet, courteous, energetic, and affable one minute (or one day) and lethargic, nasty, and negative the next.  I know he’s tired but I also know he is testing his limits.  I’m sure many of you who are parents can sympathize, regardless of what age your child(ren) are.  As firm (and mean) as I am at times, one of the ways I always show him care and love is with dinner – regardless of how much we’ve butted heads that day.  This is his favorite protein recipe…. one I’ve made a few more times than I intended to these last few weeks. 

The recipe takes a bit of time to prepare but you can easily prepare it ahead of time and leftovers reheat beautifully.  Tonight we’ve prepared it with sauteed onions and red cabbage, black rice, and a jalapeno corn and cucumber relish.

Recipe here.


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